Monday, July 20, 2009

Possible Lucchetti additions.

About a month ago I got this e-mail from my husband's aunt. It was actually sent to her from a gentleman whos name is Joseph Facchiano. My next step is going to be figure out if and where they fit into the family!

Hi Teri,

I saw your name and I can't help thinking we are related. From what I know, it is a unique spelling.

My mother is Santina Lucchetti. She is the daughter of Frank and Angelina Lucchetti from Cecano, Italy (50 km SW of Rome).

Frank Lucchetti came to America around 1920. He had 2 brothers. Lorenzo (Greensburg, PA) and Sisto (I don't know where he settled).

Perhaps this information will match something in your heritage.

Have a wonderful day!